Cat Climbing Wall vs. Kiwi’s Climber: Which is the Better Choice for Your Cat?


When it comes to providing an enriching and stimulating environment for our feline friends, cat climbing walls have been a popular choice for years. Kiwi’s Climber is a new and innovative contender in the world of cat climbing and scratching devices. Kiwi’s Climber offers advantages that a cat climbing wall just can’t match. What’s Kiwi’s Climber? We’re going to discuss this unique floor-to-ceiling scratching and climbing post and the advantages Kiwi’s Climber has over traditional cat climbing walls.

If you’re considering purchasing a cat climbing post for your cat, we’ll explore six reasons why Kiwi’s Climber surpasses the competition.

Let’s start by discussing why you might be interested in getting a cat climbing wall for your furry friend.

What is a cat climbing wall?

A cat climbing wall typically consists of platforms, shelves, ramps, and scratching surfaces arranged in vertical and horizontal configurations. Cat climbing walls are designed to mimic the natural climbing and perching behaviors of cats, allowing them to exercise, explore, and satisfy their natural instincts.

Reasons you might like a Cat Climbing Wall

Exercise for your cat

A cat climbing wall provides physical exercise and mental stimulation for cats. Cats are natural climbers and hunters. Providing them with an environment to explore can help them stay physically active and mentally healthy. Climbing walls offer multiple levels and surfaces for jumping, climbing, and perching, allowing cats to use their muscles and improve their balance and agility. Physical activity is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight, preventing obesity-related issues, and keeping cats mentally stimulated, especially for indoor cats who may have limited opportunities for exploration.

Gives your cat their own turf.

Cat climbing walls help to create a territory for cats. Cats are known to be territorial creatures, and by providing a climbing wall, you are offering them a dedicated space to call their own. An elevated territory allows cats to feel secure. It provides them with a place to scratch and leave their scent, as well as a place to climb and explore.

Can provide your cat with an appropriate place to scratch.

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch. Climbing walls often incorporate scratching surfaces such as sisal rope or carpeting. This allows cats to engage in their natural scratching behavior, which helps to keep their claws healthy and strong. By providing appropriate scratching surfaces, you can redirect their scratching behavior away from scratching your furniture or other objects.

Great for smaller spaces

Climbing walls are designed to maximize the use of wall space while taking up minimal floor space. This can be particularly beneficial in small homes or apartments with limited square footage.

A cat climbing wall offers numerous benefits for both cats and their owners. It promotes exercise, mental stimulation, and natural behaviors, while also providing a designated territory for cats and preserving space within the home. 

What is Kiwi’s Climber?

gray cat climbing up Kiwi's Climber

Kiwi’s Climber is a unique modular scratching and climbing post that attaches to a doorway or partition wall, offering cats an engaging and stimulating climbing and scratching experience. It has a sturdy and vertical design that allows cats to safely climb up and explore their surroundings while also satisfying their natural instincts to scratch. 

Its modular design provides cat owners with more flexibility than a typical cat climbing wall, allowing cat owners to place (or move) Kiwi’s Climber in a variety of locations in their home. With its durable construction and easy installation, Kiwi’s Climber provides a dedicated vertical space for cats to climb, play, and scratch, enhancing their physical and mental well-being while keeping your furniture and other surfaces from unwanted scratching.

Here’s why Kiwi’s Climber is the Superior Choice Over Traditional Cat Climbing Walls

Traditional cat climbing walls have been around a while and provide cats with vertical stimulation, however, they can’t match the advantages of Kiwi’s Climber, especially for cat owners who live in a small space. Keep reading to discover the unique benefits and advantages that set Kiwi’s Climber apart from the cat climbing walls.

Kiwi’s Climber is practically invisible and remarkably space-saving

a living room entry way that has Kiwi's Climber installed, a floor-to-ceiling cat scratching and climbing post

Unlike traditional cat climbing walls that require dedicated wall space, Kiwi’s Climber attaches to a partition wall or doorway. This ingenious design allows cat owners to make the most of their available space without compromising on their cat’s climbing and scratching needs.

With Kiwi’s Climber, you don’t have to sacrifice an entire wall or rearrange furniture to accommodate your feline friend’s climbing activities. It seamlessly integrates into your existing environment, making it a perfect solution for smaller apartments or houses with limited space. Because the modules snap onto the end of the wall or doorway installation does not require drilling. This is ideal for renters and landlords alike.

Kiwi’s Climber offers a better vertical climbing experience.

Kiwi’s Climber offers an unparalleled vertical climbing experience that closely simulates the sensation of climbing an actual tree, all while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your living space. With Kiwi’s Climber, your cat can enjoy an exceptional vertical climbing experience without turning your home into a cat playground.

Kiwi’s Climber is versatile and portable.

Kiwi’s Climber offers unmatched versatility and portability. With its innovative floor-to-ceiling design, you can install it in any area of your home that features a partition wall or doorway, measuring between 4 ¼ – 7 ¼ inches. Whether it’s a doorway or hallway, you can effortlessly transform your space into an engaging and captivating climbing experience for your cat. The best part? Kiwi’s Climber is not only easy to remove and relocate within your own home but also conveniently portable, allowing you to take it with you and install it in another home when traveling or visiting. 

Kiwi’s Climber provides better stability and safety.

Kiwi’s Climber is engineered with your cat’s safety in mind. Kiwi’s sturdy construction ensures superior stability for your cat’s climbing adventures. The floor-to-ceiling attachment provides a secure anchor point, minimizing the risk of accidents or the climbing structure toppling over, injuring your cat, or damaging your wall.

Traditional cat climbing walls generally do not offer the same level of stability, especially if they are freestanding or rely on wall brackets. Kiwi’s Climber prioritizes your cat’s safety, allowing them to explore and play with confidence.

Kiwi’s Climber is an integrated scratching and climbing solution that your cat will actually use.

In addition to providing a fun climbing experience, Kiwi’s Climber incorporates a built-in scratching post, not just small sections where your cat can scratch and leave her scent. Cats naturally love to scratch, and with this all-in-one solution, they can satisfy their scratching urges while enjoying their climbing activities.

Traditional cat climbing walls often lack an integrated scratching component, requiring owners to provide separate scratching posts or furniture. Kiwi’s Climber eliminates the need for additional items and provides a scratching and climbing solution in a single product.

Kiwi’s Climber is easy to install and maintain.

Kiwi’s Climber prioritizes renter and user-friendliness throughout its design. Its installation process is a breeze, requiring no tools, drilling, or hardware. When it comes to maintenance, Kiwi’s Climber is incredibly easy and affordable. Unlike traditional cat climbing walls that may require replacing the entire structure if damaged, Kiwi’s Climber offers a convenient solution. When the carpet covering becomes worn, simply remove it and we’ll send you a replacement carpet section that’s ready for easy installation. Enjoy the simplicity and hassle-free maintenance of Kiwi’s Climber, ensuring long-lasting durability and convenience for both you and your fur baby.

Cats love Kiwi’s Climber!

One of the standout advantages of Kiwi’s Climber over a traditional cat climbing wall is its ability to truly engage cats in climbing activities. With a little encouragement, your cat will scratch, climb, and have an absolute blast with Kiwi’s Climber. Unlike traditional climbing walls where cats may not vertically climb, Kiwi’s Climber gets cats climbing. While it’s important to note that older or overweight cats may not climb on Kiwis’ Climber, they can still benefit from using Kiwi’s Climber by learning to scratch and stretch their paws on Kiwi’s Climber. Cat lovers who have purchased Kiwi’s Climber love the excitement of watching their cat having fun with Kiwi’s Climber.

Kiwi’s Climber is a great investment for any cat lover.

Kiwi’s Climber is the ultimate choice for any cat owner, offering a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and style. Its seamless integration with any home decor ensures it blends into any home, while its solid construction guarantees exercise and safety for your cat. With its dual functionality of providing vertical climbing and a dedicated scratching area, Kiwi’s Climber surpasses flimsy scratching posts in both quality and benefits. 

Maintaining your Kiwi’s Climber is a breeze, as you only need to replace the carpet covering when necessary, making it an excellent long-term investment. Your cat will delight in using Kiwi’s Climber for climbing, scratching, exercise, and entertainment, while its sleek design outshines cluttered wall climbers. We are confident you will adore Kiwi’s Climber, but if for any reason it Kiwi’s Climber doesn’t work for you, simply return it with an explanation for a full refund. 

Provide your cat with a safe and engaging climbing and scratching experience. Order your Kiwi’s Climber today and discover the excitement of watching your cat climb!

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