October Updates


“Patience is making the best use of your time while you are waiting”

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather as much as I have been in Atlanta. At Better Instincts, we are waiting for several outside factors to fall into place while striving to be both industrious and patient.

We are delighted with recent orders coming in from our viral TikTok video and from our earlier Kickstarter campaign. Our top priority is fulfilling our climber orders as soon as possible. As some famous person once said, “Patience is making the best use of your time while you are waiting.” That is precisely what we are doing. We are practicing patience in waiting for the Saltbox warehouse space to open for us to move in and for our Climber sections to get through the manufacturing process.

While we are waiting, I’ve been working hard on 2 different prototypes for Kiwi’s Hangout platform, a product that will provide a resting spot at the top of Kiwi’s Climber. Sophia continues to labor over our logo, which is arduous but very exciting. I have been bringing our 5-section prototype to various households to be tested and filmed by a variety of kitties and their people.

I am learning a lot while shopping for used furniture, and tools for our future warehouse space; I even snuck in the other day to peek at the renovation progress. It will be a great place to work and grow our business. Sophia has been producing ongoing content for our social media to keep everyone in the loop, while I have been in the search for a greener plastic to utilize when making future climbers. Please stay tuned for next week’s newsletter on new developments in plastic recycling that will enable us to make even more sustainable and green Kiwi’s Climbers.

As we inch closer to December and January, we look forward to being in touch with you with exciting updates when the Women of Centers for Employment Opportunities join Sophia and I in launching our in person office space for Kiwi’s Climbers from the Atlanta Saltbox. Stay tuned and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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